Applying an ontology-based method to support the analysis of research results

Nemury Silega Martínez, Gilberto Fernando Castro Aguilar, Inelda Anabelle Matillo Alcívar, Katya M. Faggioni Colombo


A doctoral thesis is a relevant scientific document and an almost mandatory reference source for the researchers of the same research field. Therefore its quality is crucial for the scientific community. However, the researchers usually do not have the adequate skills to describe the results of their investigations with sufficient accuracy, clarity, and consistency. PhD students usually face problems defining the type of result they will contribute, which parts such result should have, the research methods to be applied, or the research strategy to be followed. On the other hand, ontologies are an artificial intelligence technique that has demonstrated its capabilities to describe and analyze knowledge. This article describes an approach that exploits the ontologies to specify the type of research results commonly presented in a doctoral thesis and the elements that must be considered according to the type of result. A review of 12 doctoral theses developed at the University of Information Sciences was carried out to identify patterns to elaborate the approach. The ontology is applied to describe some of the reviewed thesis; hence it can be considered a useful knowledge base to support the work of PhD students.

Palabras clave

ontology; research result; doctoral thesis; knowledge management

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