Test signal generator for the evaluation of detection algorithms of the number of sources.

Raydel Ortigueira Ruiz


The aim of this article was to design and implement a computational tool that allowed generating, visualizing, and configuring the necessary test signals for the assessment and comparison of detector algorithms of the sources number. The designed software was based on a source generation model whose components were grouped into two collections: one dedicated to the waveform generation and another one dedicated to the propagation channel. The programming of these components was made on the MATLAB language. The implemented tool has two configurable modes of operation: the first one generates the test signals as a MATLAB function and the second one allows the user to visualize how the waveform of one test signal is made, by graphical interface. The proposed software is easy to use since the user only needs basic knowledges about signals to configure it, in addition, it allows creating equal scenes to test and compare other detection techniques. The obtained tool makes up a convenient way to get test signals, when it is not counted with the suitable device to generate them. The implemented graphical interface can be used as a virtual signal laboratory for engineering students, given that it allows watching waveform which is modified by present elements in the generation model.

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test signal generator, detection algorithms source number

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